Digital Wellness Consulting 

Don't go it alone. Partner with us to find the sweet spot between productivity and thriving through keynotes, workshops, and HR policy reviews. 


From Ted-style talks to full day engagements, we've got you covered.  Our speakers are some of the world's foremost leaders in digital wellness education who will leave your audience feeling empowered to make change.
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Communication Charters

An eye-opening experience that introduces managers to the business value that can be unlocked when they practice digitally well communication. This 90-minute guided workshop helps leaders understand that "when, where, and how" they communicate has a direct impact on employee experience and wellbeing. 

During this session, our Certified Digital Wellness Expert will...
  • Teach the business value that mindful communication creates
  • Explore leaders' own digital communication practices
  • Help your team create a living charter in-session
  • Champion a culture of digital wellness from the top. (Your employees with thank you).

Policy Reviews

The perfect opportunity for any workplace looking to add, introduce or update internal policies related to digital wellness?  We can help you navigate:
  • Right to Disconnect
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Digital DEI+
  • Workplace Communication Policies