Certified Digitally Well WorkplacesTM

A Certified Digitally Well Workplace™ is one that supports its
people through policies and practices designed to foster optimal workflow, connection, employee wellness, and corporate social responsibility.

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Characteristics of a Digitally Well Workplace

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Leadership in Digital Wellness
  • has internal designated digital wellness champions
  • offers opportunities for leaders to get trained in digital wellness practices
  • encourages on-going conversation between leaders and team members about digital wellness topics

    Metrics for Impact
    pulse surveys on digital wellness

Codified Policies
communication charters
virtual meeting guidelines

  • onboarding

  • Resources

Why Get Certified

A Certified Digitally Well Workplace™ is one that is committed to improving the digital lives of its employees - both at work, and at home. By understanding the role that tech-overuse has on employee mental health, productivity and feelings of happiness, Digitally Well Workplaces™ are on the forefront of employee wellness. Their work cultures are recognized as taking meaningful steps to reducing burnout through digital wellness awareness, embodiment, and empowerment.  
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Earn recognition to attract & retain top talent

Create a culture of digital wellness

A Digitally Well Workplace is recognized as one which is on the forefront of employee wellbeing. It offers people-first training, policies, and measurements that employees reach a state of Flourishing in the Digital Age(R)

Certification Is...

A way to recognize workplaces that go above and beyond by creating a culture of wellness in the digital age. Ultimately, Certified Workplaces(TM) are those that empower employees to lead a healthy work, life, and tech balance; helping employees find that sweet spot between thriving and being productive. 

Digitally well companies have the following characteristics:
  • Trainings

Level 1: Aspiring Digitally Well Workplace

An Aspiring Digitally Well Workplace is one that offers the following to employees:

Employee E-Learnings

Digital Wellness starts with individual empowerment. Certified workplaces offer digital wellness centered e-learnings as a part of their employee onboarding or upskilling strategy.

Company-Wide Keynotes 

Digitally Well Workplaces take learnings a step further: they bring in a globally recognized leader in digital wellness to further engrain into the topic of conversation. 
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Level 2: Certified Digitally Well Workplace

Certified Digitally Well Workplaces offer all the benefits found at the Aspiring level, plus...

Codified Policies

Regular code reviews and live sessions with tutors from the tech industry will give you the soft skills you need to get hired and succeed at work.

Manager Workshops

While educating employees on core tenants of digital wellness is an important start, a culture of digital wellness is championed from leadership down. Aspiring & Certified workplaces have managers that understand the business value of a digitally well workplace: more importantly, they embody what it means to be "digitally well," specifically as relates to communication in the digital age.  

Impact Measurement

Regular code reviews and live sessions with tutors from the tech industry will give you the soft skills you need to get hired and succeed at work.

Wondering How Your Company Stacks Up?

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Aspiring Digitally Well

Certified Digitally Well

Equips industry-professionals with an in-depth understanding of digital wellness through an academic, social, and clinical lens.
Graduates earn recognition as a "Certified Digital Wellness Educator" to establish or bolster credibility in their own profession fields. 

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