Digitally Well Campuses™

Research-based digital wellness solutions that help
your campus thrive 
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Reclaim student well-being and productivity

Staggering increases in screen time. Rising mental health concerns. Decreasing connection on campus.  Your campus is navigating many challenges related to student and faculty wellness in the digital era. You know it’s time to restore balance. But how? The solution to these problems isn't another seminar on stress awareness. You need data-driven insight and interventions to support digital well-being in real time. That's where we come in.
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Build positive digital practices on campus

As the global leader in digital wellness education and certification, our four steps give you a simple, actionable framework to reimagine digital well-being on campus.

1. Assess

Understand the state of digital well-being on your campus with our anonymous sentiment survey.

2. Analyze

Receive valuable campus insights and strategic benchmarks to guide your next steps. 

3. Improve

Create meaningful change with Mini Courses for employees and Momentum Events with leading experts.

4. Recognize

Keep the momentum going and stand out to top talent with our Digitally Well Campus™ recognitions.

Help your organization flourish

We help campuses reach and maintain a state of Digital Flourishing® — that sweet spot where productivity, health, and happiness are optimized in the digital era. Don’t wait another day. Get started on your path to becoming a Digitally Well Campus™.