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Digital Flourishing®

What You'll Get

- 30 hours of content instruction, led by the world's foremost authorities on digital wellbeing
- 1 year of free access to the Alumni Community Portal to network with other certified educators in 40+ countries
- 40 page printable workbook of activities
- Access to Resource Tool Kit (graphics, templates, digital wellness glossary, and more!)
- Digital badge to recognize your status as a "Certified Digital Wellness Educator"
- Ongoing continuing education opportunities throughout the year (at no cost for Alumni)

What to Expect

Quizzes + Final Exam

Weekly built-in checkpoints for recall and retention on key topics and vocabulary


Thought-provoking exercises designed to help you embody program content

Project with a Purpose

A final project to move you from the classroom to real world applications


Prompts to foster introspection and awareness

Program Overview

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What Our Alumni Say...

DWI offers an amazing program! Essentially, their collaborations bring in world-class instructors to engage the larger conversation of Digital Wellness, as well as provide tools for attaining that elusive balance. The Educator program promotes and expands thought leadership by teaching research-driven content to shed light on the interplay of the technological balance of self, wellness, professional performance, and community. From students, to professionals and leadership circles, DWI is a fantastic resource!
- Nicole C.
DWI taught me to unplug and recharge. Being mindful and intentional about my online activity and screen time has helped me be way more productive! Thank you all for your work.DWI taught me to unplug and recharge. Being mindful and intentional about my online activity and screen time has helped me be way more productive! Thank you all for your work.
- Keith Y.
Nina and her team are amazing, highly recommend for any of your digital wellness needs!
- Gene C.
Fantastic resource for practicing a more mindful and empowering relationship with technology. Highly recommend!
- Auburn M.
Great program, amazing instructors, insightful content and a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from different fields. So many lessons learned to foster a healthy relationship with technology. Fully recommended.
- Carolina B.
I burned out due to digital overload after the Pulitzer Prize-winning Panama Papers investigation, where I played a key role as head of the data team. In today's digital world it's a must to learn how to have a healthier relationship with technology.
- Mar C.

Course Objectives


Understand key terminology of digital wellness and the attention economy
Identify the warning signs of technology addiction, dependency and distress
Understand current technology trends and their impact on human behavior
Discuss the design and regulation of technology for digital wellness


Speak authoritatively about the core components of Digital Flourishing
Model the prevention of and recovery from digital burnout and sensory overload
Discover practices to explore and improve your relationship with technology


Coach colleagues and clients on effective digital boundaries and intentional technology practices
Assess and track digital wellness over time using research-based methodologies
Utilize technology as an ally to optimize wellbeing in the digital 


Week 1

Flourishing in the Digital Era

  • Introduction to the Digital Wellness course & teachers
  • How to access the course materials and platforms
  • Assessing your own digital wellness
  • Access to your digital wellness E-book

Week 2


  • Dive into what the Attention Economy is
  • Address how to manage distractions
  • Evaluate the problems & opportunities that come with multitasking
  • Discuss why technology can be addicting (The Hook Model)

Week 3


  • Dive into digital minimalism
  • Learn how to set digital boundaries at home
  • Practice the art of digital feng shui
  • Understand the impact of mindful tech design

Week 4


  • Evaluate digital culture within your workspace
  • Learn to recognize and manage Zoom Fatigue
  • Implement best practices when it comes to telecommunication

Week 5


  • Create social capital online and offline
  • Understand the power of presence
  • Make use of online social support
  • Develop Media Bubbles & Friendships

Week 6

Mental Health

  • Evaluate the impacts of stress and how it develops
  • Learn about dichotomy of Gaming addiction and friendship building
  • Understand the impact of social media 
  • How to create mindfulness while living in a digital world

Week 7

Physical Health

  • How habits form and how to break them
  • Importance of Ergonomics and posture
  • Practice Self-care strategies for physical health
  • Discuss the unseen world of Electromagnetic Fields

Week 8

Quantified Self

  • Introduction to the quantified self
  • How to use data for insight
  • Optimizing connected health

Week 9

Digital Citizenship

  • How to optimize your online privacy
  • Discuss Gen Z's perspective on the problems and opportunities of tech
  • Understanding Digital activism & cancel culture
  • How to create a safe space for Diversity & Ethics

Week 10

Flourishing in the Digital Era

  • Creating a mindful workshop design
  • How to interpret academic research  
  • Putting all of your knowledge together!

Find the Right Program for you

While our "live" synchronous Certificate Program only runs twice a year (and is application based), some students prefer an On-Demand version which is available year-round.  This program enables extra flexibility but excludes weekly calls and the dedicated cohort of students.

On-Demand 15 Week
Certification Program

Our On-Demand Certification Program is perfect for those looking to go at their own pace. You can move as quickly or slowly as you'd like over the course of 15 weeks. 

  • Digital Wellness Educator Certificate + Title 
  • 30 hours of video-based instruction
  • Downloadable workbook
  • Access to an alumni folder of resources
  • Self- paced learning over 15 weeks

"Live" 10 Week
Certification Program

Our Live Certification Program is perfect for those looking for community and instructor interaction over the course of 10 weeks. *Offered twice per year

  • Digital Wellness Educator Certificate + Title 
  • 30 hours of video-based instruction
  • Live instructor-led zoom calls
  • Access to an interactive discussion forum
  • Networking with fellow students
  • Downloadable workbook
  • Access to an alumni folder of resources
  • 5+ hours of bonus content

Private Cohort: Live or On-Demand

Contact Us for More Info
Have a group of 25 or more looking to partake in the program? Reach out to us for special bulk pricing. 

  • Digital Wellness Educator Certificate + Title 
  • 30 hours of video-based instruction
  • Live instructor-led zoom calls
  • Access to an interactive discussion forum
  • Networking with fellow students
  • Downloadable workbook
  • Access to an alumni folder of resources
  • 5+ hours of bonus content


How long is each course and what is the weekly time commitment?

The On-Demand Certification Program is self paced over the course of 15 weeks. Generally speaking, you can expect to set aside three hours of work per week for each program. 

How often are the courses updated?

As our digital world evolves, the program evolves with it. The certificate is continuously updated to feature the most recent digital wellness research. Our international community of teachers and alumni also allow us to constantly integrate breaking news and innovative material into our curriculum. 

Where do I ask questions? Can I hire a teacher for additional consulting or coaching? 

Our course features cover 20 teachers and a plethora of digital wellness topics! Our On-Demand program will be moderated by a dedicated teaching assistant who will be able to answer your questions.
To respect our teacher’s time and privacy, direct contact information is not shared, however you may personally reach out to them on LinkedIn and through our alumni group. Hourly consulting is available on a case by case basis depending on teacher availability.

How long will I have access to the course?

Due to the self-paced nature and extended timeline from the 10-week Live program, there will be a hard cutoff at the 15 week mark to all program materials. While you will no longer be able to access the program after this time, you will receive access to a robust alumni folder full of resources upon completion of your certificate.  

How does community + teacher interaction differ between the two programs?

The Live Certification Program provides community interaction and real time engagement over the course of 10 weeks. You'll be given the opportunity to network with fellow learners and participate in group discussions with peers and instructors alike. 

The On-Demand Program provides you with the freedom to self-pace the course. As a result, you'll be on a solo journey to Digital Wellness! That said, if you have specific questions about the content, you can reach out to ta@digitalwellnessinstitute.com and we will try to respond within 2-3 days. 

Why are the lessons called "weeks" when I'm enrolled in On-Demand?

We use the term "weeks" to help guide you through the content and to make sure you're staying on track to complete the course on time. Keep in mind you can go at your own pace within the 15 week timeframe! 

What happens if I can't complete the program on time?

While we have full faith you'll be able to complete the program within the allotted time, we have a few options to accommodate you based on the program you've chosen. If you are enrolled into the On-Demand Program and are unable to complete within the 15 week mark, you will be able to re-enroll into the course at a 50% discount; resetting the 15 week timeline. 

Do you offer refunds?

Given that access to course materials is immediate upon registering, we do not offer refunds.  However, if you decide you would rather switch to the Live Program, we can discuss based on seat availability.

Other questions?

Please email info@digitalwellnessinstitute.com.

Ready to get started?

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