Aligned for Impact

We’ve evaluated how our practices and programs intersect with workplace wellness, academic education, and continuing education. We’re proud to be aligned with the following initiatives and impact partners. 

Our Programs are structured to align with the UN Sustainable Development Goal # 3: to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. Our Digital Wellness programming seeks to provide guidance for diverse populations to achieve digital wellness through practices that support optimal health and well-being using technology. We are dedicated to accessible education including providing scholarships and a variety of free resources.

The Digital Wellness Institute is proud to be a Public Benefit Corporation, dedicated to the public good. The Digital Wellness Institute pledges commitment to the delivery of digital wellness solutions to the general public to increase knowledge of tech-life balance and support healthy relationships in the digital age. 
The Digital Wellness Institute is proud to feature our nonprofit partner, Digital Wellness Day (DWD): an annual global holiday representing an opportunity to optimize your relationship with technology and those around you. Entering its 4th year, DWD has reached over 7 million people in 35 countries with its free expert panels and tools available in a year-round resource hub. Sign up to become an ambassador or plan a company event on May 5, 2023.
The Digital Wellness Institute is proud to partner with two internationally renowned Canadian universities. DWI first partnered with Athabasca, the top online learning university in Canada to bring Digital Wellness 101 to life. Our most recent partnership with McGill University’s continuing education department represents a growing need to provide ongoing education to digitally active students through micro-courses and on-demand learning.
The Digital Wellness Institute is proud to be an official impact partner of the two-time Emmy award-winning Social Dilemma documentary. Are you a teacher? After viewing the film consider becoming a Certified Digital Wellness Educator. Contact us with proof of your teaching credentials to receive 25% off your enrollment.