Communication Course

Do you feel like you are "always on," trying to keep up with conversations on multiple platforms?  In this course, you’ll explore the impacts of constant communication and learn strategies for optimizing how you connect with others in a hybrid or remote work setting.
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What to Expect


This 15 minute course is divided into three smaller modules. 


Online course with videos, audio, and interactive elements.


On-demand, self-directed, asynchronous.


This micro course offers a digital badge upon completion.

Who is this course for?

This course is geared towards individuals who are juggling work and life. Whether you are 24 or 64, the challenges of our "always on" world are inherent in daily life and the insights you will gain in this course will help you optimize your communication habits in the digital era.
This course is designed for individuals looking to improve their communication in the digital era.


This course is also available for teams, with a Team Leader guide included.


Video Preview

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What our students say about us

I really like the way this course is so relatable and actionable.  It feels like the course was written just for me.
- Deepa M.
I didn't even know how much I needed these courses until I started.  Now the topics are on my mind constantly!
- Nick W.
I bought this course for my son, but then came back and bought the bundle for myself.  I'm more convinced than ever that digital wellness is THE topic of our time.
- Sonia C.

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