Student Insights

Digital Flourishing®, Re-imagined 
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It's no secret that screens consume students' time and attention...

And as an administrator, you're left to wonder, "how is student screen time impacting levels of productivity and concentration?" "How is social media helping or hurting social connection?" And, "how many hours are my students spending on screen each day?

The good news?

Screen time itself is not inherently good-nor-bad. It's the quality of the time that makes it so.

It's time to look beyond screentime...

It's time to look beyond screentime and use the Digital Flourishing Model® to identify the impact of screen time on student health, happiness, and educational outcomes.

It's time to measure Digital Flourishing®

Student Insights™ is your campus pulse survey that allows you to answer a fundamental question: 

Are your students Flourishing?

We use Student Insights™ as one of the key components to our digital wellness curriculum.  We use it as an assessment tool to measure pre and post intervention behaviors, and as a way to pivot the device-use conversation with our students. Each of the 8 sections of the survey identifies tangible behaviors that illustrate how device use can empower or inhibit a great college experience. 

As opposed to a digital detox approach (which shuts a conversation down) measuring and talking about flourishing opens the conversation and encourages students to recognize digital behaviors that support and align with their goals while in college. 

Laurie Fritsch
Assistant Director of Hokie Wellness - Virginia Tech

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Students Receive

  • Insights into their digital flourishing score
  • A Digital Wellness "persona" to help them better understand their tech-use habits.
  • Aggregate data on how their screen time usage and flourishing data compares to their peers.
  • Custom recommendations for higher flourishing scores. 

Administrators Receive

  • An aggregate "Pulse" of the Digital Flourishing® Score on Campus.
  • Demographic level data comparing screen usage and flourishing scores based on age, gender, and ethnicity.

How It Works

Student Insights™ builds off the scientifically validated Digital Flourishing assessment to provide students with the tools to assess their own relationship with technology in 7 minutes or less.

Assess the following, with Student Insights™ 

Student Screen Time

Q: How many hours are students spending on screen each day? How much of that time is productive vs. distracted?

Intended Usage Goals

Q: What are the top intended usage goals of students when it comes to their digital devices? Is it social connection, learning & information, or distraction?

Q) Once determined, to what extent do students' usage habits align with their stated goals?

Concentration and Focus

Q: How many minutes can students maintain peak focus without digital distractions?

Q: How do micro-distractions impede on students' feelings of productivity, and how can students identify those micro-distractions to make positive behavioral change?

Flourishing of Students

Q: What is the overall flourishing score of your campus community? 

In what areas are students Flourishing, and in what areas are they in need of improvement?

Bring Digital Flourishing to Your Campus

Student Insights™ is built upon the scientifically validated Digital Flourishing Survey and created to add additional layers of depth and insights to both students and administrators alike.
  • Enjoy a hands-on approach to analyzing your data with the leading experts in digital wellness.
  • Enhance your student wellbeing programs by unlocking demographic-level data that shows the types of students that are most in need of Digital Flourishing® .
  • Unlock academic verticals to see how your campus' scores compare to your peers.

Help your students & campus reach a state of Digital Flourishing®

Write your awesome label here.
Write your awesome label here.

Digital Flourishing® on campus is not just a nice to have...
It's a strategic and operational imperative.


Unlock your campus flourishing score and provide students with a roadmap for improvement.


Empower students to reach a state of Digital Flourishing - both on campus, and beyond.


Bring in the world's leading experts. Create a shift in culture to align digital wellness with your strategic goals.