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Metrics for the Digital Age

Burnout. Mental health concerns. Lowered productivity. Attrition. You can’t know what to do about these issues in your organization until you understand why they’re really happening.  Too often, surveys and conversations on well-being miss out on the most important metric of all: how technology is impacting wellness across your organization.

With our Digital Flourishing® survey and Digital Wellness Insights™ for workplaces and campuses, we give you the metrics you need to make data-driven decisions that impact digital wellness for the better.

It’s time to measure Digital Flourishing.

Integrate our survey into your existing wellness initiatives to measure the current state of Digital Flourishing in your organization. Through the survey, we’ll dive into the questions that matter, such as:
  • To what extent does distraction via personal devices lead to lost hours during the workday? 
  • How many hours a day are your employees spending on screen during each day, and how does this fatigue lead to lapses in Productivity?

  • How much time do your students spend on devices each day?
  • How much time do students spend mindlessly scrolling?
  • Do your students feel like they can step away from their device?

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For Workplaces
For Campuses
For Workplaces

workforce-level data with Workplace Insights™

Our employee lifecycle listening system lets you monitor issues arising from digital overwhelm, compare metrics to industry benchmarks, and make a plan for improvement.

Identify your biggest cause of burnout

See how factors like feelings of being always on, inbox anxiety, and pressure to respond are impacting burnout in the workplace.

Understand employee digital usage habits

Uncover how distraction and platform overwhelm are impacting your bottom line. 

Take the pulse of employee buy-in

Learn how your digital culture at work impacts well-being, workplace dissatisfaction, and retention. 

Compare against industry averages 

See how your workplace stacks up against others in your industry, revealing the areas of digital wellness that need the most attention. 

Get your roadmap for change

Connect your organization with solutions to improve these hidden drivers of Net Promoter Scores and Employee Satisfaction scores.
For Campuses

Enhance digital wellness on campus with Student Insights™

Get insights for students and administration alike. Students receive a Digital Wellness Persona and custom insights. Administration receives a real-time snapshot of the state of digital wellness on campus through our listening platform.

Help students understand their own screen use

In just a few minutes, students can learn their Digital Wellness Persona and see how their screen time stacks up against peers.

Show students how to align screen time with goals 

Students get insight into how their screen time currently aligns with their personal and professional goals and receive custom tips and challenges for improvement.

Get a pulse on screen time habits on campus

Understand how much time students are really spending on screen and how excessive screen time impairs academic performance.

See how your campus scores in Digital Flourishing

Aggregate data provides your administrative team with an overall Digital Flourishing score for your campus and how it compares to others.

Identify students who are struggling the most 

Demographic-level data lets you compare flourishing among specific groups on campus and discover the areas most in need of improvement.

Unlock the power of digital wellness

Digital Wellness Insights give you the scientifically validated data you need to reclaim digital wellness and help your organization flourish.
  • Enjoy a hands-on approach to analyzing your data with the leading experts in digital wellness.
  • Enhance your well-being programs by unlocking powerful data that allows you to make changes in the right places.
  • Unlock industry verticals to see how your digital wellness scores compare to your peers.

Assessing digital wellness is only the beginning. See how our products guide you through your entire journey toward Digital Flourishing.


Measure digital well-being and get insights to guide your next steps.


Empower your organization with tools that improve digital wellness.


Create a shift in your culture and stand out among your peers.