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Digital overwhelm is at an all-time high. And people are looking for organizations that not only recognize the problem but are also investing in the solution.  
Our certifications place you among a select but growing number of individuals, workplaces, and campuses that are on the leading edge of digital well-being. If your organization is ready to make digital wellness a priority, join us and start your journey toward certification today.

Certification Opportunities


RISING Digitally Well Workplaces™

Rising Digitally Well Workplaces are on the path to certification. To receive recognition, a Rising Workplace should:

 Appoint a Digital Wellness Champion to lead any and all digital wellness initiatives within the company.
 Collaborate with employee health ambassadors, digital wellness educators or keynote speakers to offer at least one event per year focused on digital wellness. 
 Measure the current state of digital wellness in the workforce by using Digital Wellness Insights™ to sample employees across departments.

CERTIFIED Digitally Well Workplaces™

Our highest level of recognition is for workplaces that meet all of the Rising level standards and the following:

 Certify an employee as a Digital Wellness Champion
 Provide employees with e-learnings to better align tech usage with their personal and professional goals. 
 Identify tech-free play spaces for the workplace to encourage employees to "disconnect" in order to reconnect.
 Protect the right to establish positive tech boundaries on nights, weekends, and holidays.

RISING Digitally Well Campuses™

Rising Digitally Well Universities are on the path to certification. To receive recognition at the Rising level, you should:

 Appoint a faculty member as a Digital Wellness Champion to lead any and all digital wellness initiatives on campus.
 Offer digital wellness education to students, including making digital wellness part of the first-year experience.
 Measure digital health and wellness on campus using the Digital Flourishing® tool. 

CERTIFIED Digitally Well Campuses™

Our highest level of recognition is for campuses that meet all of the Rising level standards as well as additional standards:

 Integrate digital wellness into the classroom through tech-free policies in the syllabi and positive habits reinforced through slides or screensavers. 
 Promote digital wellness throughout the campus, such as signs in public places or events that partner with student organizations.
 Develop positive digital habits for faculty, including protecting the right to “disconnect.”
 Create public spaces that promote digital wellness, like tech-free spaces or completely offline events. 

Meet the world’s first Certified Digitally Well Workplace

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Certified Digitally Well Workers™

When employees are individually invested in digital wellness, it impacts the entire workplace for the better. To earn this recognition, individuals should complete the entire series of digital wellness Micro Courses, including:

  • Productivity
  • Communication
  • Mental Health
  • Physical Health 
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Certified Digitally Wellness Educator™

Our 15-week Certified Digital Wellness Educator course gives you the tools to implement positive digital habits for yourself — and champion change for others. Our 430+ certified educators across more than 35 countries come from a variety of backgrounds, but they all share a passion for helping others flourish in the digital age.

Certification is valuable when it’s supported by data and tools that work. See how our products guide you through your entire journey toward Digital Flourishing.

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Measure digital well-being and get insights to guide your next steps.

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Empower your organization with tools that improve digital wellness.

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Create a shift in your culture and stand out among your peers.

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