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Digitally Well Workers

Employees who achieve digital wellbeing are better positioned to thrive.
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Recognizing Professional Skills for the Digital Age

 Digitally Well Workers are better positioned to thrive in the digital age. They are educated and develop skills in the following four categories, providing value to them & their employers:


Reflected in high levels of focus, low levels of interruptions, multitasking, and an optimal work-life balance. 


Illustrated in behaviors that support a tech-life balance and work-life balance by setting boundaries in the online work environment, allowing the self a right to disconnect and adapt digital communication styles.

Physical Health

Achieved via high body awareness related to technology, and the importance of ergonomics, eye health, sleep health, and recovery.

Mental Health

Reflected in behaviors that include a controlled and intentional use of digital devices, applications, and social media that is devoid of negative online social comparison, fear of missing out and using technology to escape from reality

From the Global Leaders in Digital Wellness Research, Trainings, and Certification

This micro-credential is a great way for employees to learn basic ways to incorporate digital wellness practices into their daily lives. Content is taught in an easy to understandable manner. I would highly recommend these learnings to any company or individual looking to upskill their team in the digital age!

Brenda Bering

The online learnings cover the fundamentals of digital wellbeing in a way that is educational and engaging. I've used my credential to signal to my manager that I've educated myself in workplace best practices to protect my concentration, ability to do deep work, and physical health in the digital era. Learnings are compact and well-organized format. Thank you for the information, Digital Wellness Institute!

Shannon Bernhard

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