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Do you really know what’s behind employee burnout?

 If you're like most employers, your engagement surveys are missing one of the most important metrics of our time: the impact of tech on employee experience, productivity, and well-being. 

Since the pandemic, screen time has increased by 30% — and it's stayed elevated. That’s 30% less in-person connection, 30% more sitting, 30% more juggling platforms and constant messages. And guess what? We’re just now seeing the long-term effects, from quiet quitting to decreased engagement.  

If you’re not tracking these trends, you’re likely experiencing a massive leak in productivity and retention. And temporary patches aren’t going to make it better. That’s where we come in.   

Build positive digital practices into your workplace

As the global leader in digital wellness education and certification, our three steps give you a simple, actionable framework to reimagine digital well-being at work.

1. Assess

Understand burnout, attrition, productivity, and digital overwhelm through our employee lifecycle listening system.

Compare your results against industry averages, uncover your biggest opportunities, and get your roadmap for change.

2. Improve

Create meaningful change with tools that integrate seamlessly into your existing efforts.

Customize options like Micro Courses for employees, Momentum Events with leading experts, and gamified Micro Challenges that bring digital wellness to life.

3. Certify

Keep the momentum going and make digital wellness a part of your organization’s culture.

Celebrate each employee who becomes a Certified Digitally Well WorkerTM and stand out to top talent with Digitally Well WorkplaceTM recognitions. 

Why digital wellness matters to you

Digital wellness isn’t a luxury; it’s an operational imperative. Organizations that rely on our expertise see measurable improvements in employee productivity, satisfaction, and more. 

Some example successes include:
  • Increased productivity 
  • Reduced distracted screen time at work
  • Improved employee feelings of well-being
  • Reduced employee feelings of burnout 
  • Increased workplace satisfaction
  • Lowered attrition rates
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Help your organization flourish

Don’t wait another day. See how your team can use the science of digital wellness to start your path to becoming a Digitally Well Workplace today.