Reclaim Productivity & Wellbeing in the Digital Era

Increase engagement, address burnout, and improve tech-life balance with scalable, ready-to-deploy digital wellness solutions

Digital wellness: One of the defining issues of our time

Since 2020, the average person's screen time has increased by a staggering five hours per day. So it's no wonder tech-life balance, productivity, and digital well-being feel like a daily struggle. 

Whether you're an individual coping with burnout or an international organization navigating 24/7 digital connectivity, it's time to come to terms with how we use technology and how it’s using us. There’s never been a more important time than now to make digital wellness a priority. 
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Solutions that help you flourish in the digital age

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Our team is on a mission to help individuals and organizations like you create a more positive digital culture. As the global leaders in digital wellness education and certification, we help you reach a state of Digital Flourishing® — that sweet spot where productivity, health and happiness are optimized in the digital era. 

Our science-based surveys, insights, courses, events, and certifications give you the tools you need so you can invest in the digital wellness metrics and programs that matter. When organizations implement our proven interventions, they experience increased productivity, engagement, retention, recruitment, loyalty, and, most importantly, overall well-being.

Build positive digital practices into your culture

As the global leader in digital wellness education and certification, our three steps give you a simple, actionable framework to reimagine digital well-being at your organization.

1. Assess

Understand burnout, attrition, productivity, and digital overwhelm through our employee lifecycle listening system.

2. Improve

Bring digital wellness to life with actionable tools like Micro Courses, gamified Challenges, and Momentum Events. 

3. Certify

Keep the momentum going and make digital wellness a part of your organization’s culture by getting certified.

Who We Help


Improve productivity and reduce burnout with positive digital wellness practices.


Uncover the causes of student burnout and help them find tech-life balance.


Take the Digital Flourishing Survey to assess your relationship with digital devices.


How we navigate work and life in the digital environment is THE issue for us to solve moving forward. The Digital Wellness Institute is quantifying the problem with the right measurements at the right time. They have a suite of interventions that can meaningfully move the needle forward for positive change.

Matthew Chow

Chief Mental Health Officer
Telus Health

Learning to manage our boundaries and harness the power of technology is possible when we take time to learn about ideas like digital overuse and pursue a state of digital flourishing. The Digital Wellness Institute's courses provides context for greater understanding and provide the tools we need have a better and more intentional relationship with technology. 

Kerilee Snatenchuk

Director of People and Culture
 ATB Financial

After taking the Digital Wellness Institute's courses through my company, I came away with greater awareness about how I'm looking after my health and digital wellness (or how I might not be without realizing it!) and what I can do to increase my productivity at work and lessen the feeling of burnout. These courses also served as a great reminder to set healthy boundaries for my tech usage habits - both at work and home.
Jacob Turner

Employee & Digital Wellness Learner

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